Ganges documentary


  • Gypaetus barbatus – Lammergeier – Bearded vulture – Wingspan up to 3m;  85-90% diet of bone marrow
  • Cedrus deodara – Deodar tree – Cedar native to West Himalayas – grows to 60m tall
  • Semnopithecus – Gray langurlive up to 4000m. Range from Himalayas to Sri Lanka. Winter diet bark and dead leaves.
  • Tor putitora – Golden Mahseer – Himalaya carp – up to 1m long; Omnivore diet. algae, crustacean, insects, fruit.
  • Hordeum vulgare L.- Barley (latin word – farina)- images – grass- cereal grain – Tibet barley adapted to cold and altitude > 4000m
  • Pennisetum glaucumPearl Millet – Most grown millet in India – Adapted to drought, high temp., low soil fertility. Spread north to south India. Best altitude growing range 800-1800m. Growing millet Nepal video.


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