Sound mind visual connection?



Parker…close eyes…attend…with intention

….reaction…think ?

* Connected thought in manner in which Thelonius monk deconstructs sound into elements in `Brilliant corners’ and then reconstructs elements into sound….to trigger mind / consciousness leap to reconnect tune (and so extend duration of tracks vs prior period of 2’30” tracks in which tune followed a chronologic pattern of recurrent riffs)

* Pattern of artists shift in approach as exemplified in impresisonist brush stroke technique and then movement toward line and space (Cubist) and …to trigger mind /consciousness leap to reconnect image object

* Rodin’s sculpture and “…the missing part” (Jacques Lipchitz) that…triggers the mind/consciousness to seek understanding in that which is missing and solve the mystery of its absence.

* a poet’s choice of words and their arrangement ….to trigger a suspension of time and space that allows access to an ephemeral dimension.


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