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  • Poet Tulsi Das

    Poet 16th century – wiki Famous for popular Hindi translation of Ramayana Hanuman Chalisa  

  • Shri Gusaiji and King Milinda

    Exchange that is reminiscent in format to King Milinda’s questions to Buddhist monk Nagasena. In this context Emperor Akbar representing Milinda.    

  • Song/Poem – Kasumbi no rang

    * Wiki link – written by Jhaverchand Meghani (Zaverchand Meghani) * Patriotic Gujarat song (Kasumbi – bright red color – color of love – symbolizes patriotism – wetted Kasumbi Rang (Red color) cloth served on Jariji – * Famed for songs for independence from British Raj * Google book link citation: @book{meghāṇī2003oral, title={Oral Traditions of…

  • R.K. Narayan

    Wiki Author, hindu, marriage of daughter followed all hindu custom in 1956 The english teacher (published age 39 in 1945) The guide (1956) “..Narayan provides .. insight to the lives of his characters” (source: Wikipedia “..  letting the words play in the reader’s mind.”[98]. (source: Wikipedia)

  • Rabindranath Tagore

    Nobel prize winner in literature 1913  Selected poetry Wiki