Delhi National Museum

Mohini figure (female version of Vishnu) in stone; Western Chalukya, 12th century; Gadag KarnatakaGaruda figure in stone; Pratihara 10th century CE; Pallu Rajasthan; Stone lintel showing Shiva and Parvati (or Gauri); Pratihara 8th century CE; Abaneri, RajasthanVishnu in Stone; Pala 11th century CE; BengalYamuna in stone; 8th century CE; Madhya Pradesh; Karttikeya (God of war; Son of Shiva) in stone; Late Chola 12th century CE; South IndiaShiva devotees worshipping Shivalinga in stone; Chandella; 11-12th century CE; Khajuraho, Madhya PradeshVishnu and manifestations in stone; 1147 CE; Gahadaval; Mehrauli, Delhi; Ten Vishnu incarnations in ivory; Sandals in Ivory; 19th century CE; Northern IndiaBuddha within lattice case in Ivory;Jain 84 squared gyan chaupur and gamesmen in cloth and ivory painted and carved; Rajasthan; Late 18th century CEMiniature painting begun by rough drawing in red ochre or black; Paper; Kangra Pahari; 1780-90 CE Miniature painting Lines redrawn if requiredFirst humans and then landscapes and surrounding figures drawnHuman faces finished first; Nayika; Bundi, Rajasthan; 1750 CEAppropriate colors indicated to guide pupil ; Paper; Kotah, RajasthanMiniature finished by using colors as indicated by master artist; Kotah, Rajasthan; 1750-60 CENayika; Garhwal Pahari; 1800 CE on paper;